Ashes Dancer

by Astral Path

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released July 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Astral Path Milan, Italy

Astral Path is an italian Metal band from Milan formed in 2011. Their music combines elements of Swedish Death Metal, Progressive Death and Post Rock music, from Opeth to Between The Buried And Me, The Ocean Collective, In Flames and more...

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Track Name: Blinded
The winds of wars are rising high,
we await the battle cry
The ships of death are speeding forth,
we raze lives to the ground at full force

Infidels heretics,
you shall die,
greek fire
tearing down the enemy’s line
Warfare crusade,
knights templars,
we inflict death with no sign

Senses fade away,
guided by my own creation
Fences surrounding me,
falling from grace,
redeeming salvation
Blinded by the speech,
we took our path out of paradise
Beguiled by the wisdom,
we are naked
and don’t have anywhere to hide
Through these lucid eyes,
we can see the world
knowing good and evil
Forever banished,
we are born from pain
and die from self-destruction

Do you see that angel by the gate,
can you feel the anger of his flame sword
Did you try to manipulate your own fate,
mankind shall procreate by pain
Track Name: B.L.C.
They came to raven,
you might not see them
Your sleep is too deep
you might not be on time to awaken
You’ve been retrieve,
you’ve been deceived
they are back with a bigger bite
all your ambitions are being seized

They draw your vital essence to survive,
they saw your final breath before they arrive

Fate descending upon your world,
your visions made unclear
Imprisoning seals unfold,
you are sinking into fear
Seven seas they fly across,
to get under your skin
This fatal mark of reason’s loss,
the whirlwind of doom starts to spin

You’ve been forsaken,
your soul left barren
You fumble in the dusk
but their faces come unshapen
They’ll make you cower,
you’ll be devoured
You fought with all your might
but they struck back vengeance-powered

They draw your vital essence to survive,
they saw your final breath before they arrive

How can you escape your own fatality,
your fate has been condemned for eternity
Black little creatures,
black little you
Track Name: Ashes Dancer
Hey father,
why do you hold me so strong
Day anger
is where all your night sins belong
Solemn prayer,
“I’m willing to give my son to you”
Fallen slaughter,
will you walk me through

Hey you mortal,
why don’t you pay homage to me
with your own innocent blood
Sacrifice is due,
you can’t relieve
that unopend and vulnerable bud

Serpent master,
ruler of wisdom, eternity
Ashes dancer,
witness of our mortality
Soul savior,
giver of honour, prosperity
Fear weaver,
terror is what you breed

Through centuries of veneration,
mankind has learnt to fear me
Out in the distance,
my Eye will shine forever

Hey father,
why do you leave me alone
Lay me down,
why does this anguish last so long
Sweet affliction,
gleaning redemption from her vein
Pious devotion,
will you ease my pain
Track Name: Drag Me Down
I’ll never bear this overwhelming quiet
No time to spare, the silence is deafening me
I’ll overcome these pitiful sights,
my fury knows no spree
You let me in to see Men’s madness,
the human debris are burying me alive
A little touch of wretchedness,
to eradicate them all

They’ll never know what’s underneath the shell,
their bodies are rotting from inside
They devour their own consuming smell,
we’ll wipe them aside
To emerge from the immense abomination,
is to end their merciful existence
We’ll march through the slime and putrefaction,
while the symphony of death
plays on (It never ends)

Silent lament upon my grave,
while my requiem restfully plays
ever since I saw your face,
I set my route undoubtedly clear
Ever since I stepped into your realm,
I have been washed out of fear
Chances leaving without a trace,
I fondly caressed the agony years
Adversary at its helm,
accusations flooding my ears

Drag me down into your cave,
wash me out of purity

Endlessly searching
for an end to all our chases,
eternally drifting in my waking hours
Behind the window
I can see their empty faces,
no time to bury who I leave behind
Track Name: Silent Whispers
Fire’s burning deep inside,
though the air is icy cold
Waves of madness by my side,
struggling to have my storm controlled
Silent whispers in my ear,
they consacrate me
Shadows came to wake my fear,
they desacrate me

Holding back the demon within,
I became the clown they need
Restraining my soul full of sins,
I turned into the beast they feed
Crawling with no eyes to see,
my only will is to take the flight
Waiting for the end to set me free,
a new messiah came into sight

Looking for the light
of a million suns
Walking to the edge of darkness,
I embrace the sky
Reaching for the air,
I can breath again
These prison walls are crumbling down,
I’m breaking free

Infiltrate their dreams,
indoctrination Neutralize their thoughts, annihilation
Proudly holding my holy grail,
a treasure only the brave shall unveil
Pursuing down the demon trail,
I found myself in the hollow vale
Wielding my fury like a sword,
shattering earth exterminating hordes
Silent whispers nevermore,
grinding voices fiercely soar
Track Name: Oblivion
In a state of oblivion,
do you still put faith in tomorrow
You are just one of the millions,
swimming in this sea of sorrow
You carry on with your raging delirium,
searching clueless for another way to die
Time is a tyrant, so is your odium
It’s a river of lies

You see no daylight,
suffocated by the pitch black darkness
It’s an endless night,
obscure powers corrupting your weakness
Seeking pleasures of the flesh,
depravity is swallowing your mind
Crapulent like a lush,
your bleakness unconfined

I see them in your eyes,
specters from the past coming home
You fall into disguise,
within barren lands you start to roam

Are you still searching for equilibrium,
in this game of fanatical desires
Inferno passed off as New Elysium,
you’re igniting your own pyres
You are marching on
with your wakeless ignorance
Walking fine line between the truth and lies
Light is gone, so is your innocence
There are no ways left to die